Top Negative SEO Factors that will ruin your rankings

There are certain SEO factors that are not looked upon favorably by the major search engines and that can ruin your search engine rankings.

Keyword Factors:

1. Keyword Stuffing- this is the worst practice to do as it results in an artificial keyword density of over 10% and may result in getting your site banned from the search engines.
2. Keyword dilution- this is when you are trying to SEO for an excessive number of keywords and most of the time the keywords are unrelated to one another. For example if you run a local bakery and your main keyword is “bakery in Tulsa”, trying to target 500 keywords on one site and targeting keywords such as includes “shoe stores in Tulsa” is keyword dilution.

Link Factors

1. Try to avoid having too many outbound links from your site to other sites because the search engines will think you are involved in link buying or spamming. One outbound link per article to an authority site is about right.
2. Outbound links to suspicious or unethical sites will tremendously hurt your rankings.
3. Cross linking is a big no-no as far as SEO is concerned and will result in getting your site penalized. Cross linking is when your site links to site A and site A links to site B and site B links back to your site.

Content Factors

1. -Duplicate content is one of the most negative factors that can result in penalties. You should never have the same content on several pages of your website.
2. If you use Flash for movies on your site, remember that search engine spiders can’t index this content so provide a written description to accompany the movie.
3. Do not use Flash as the sole content on your homepage or any other page. Even though it looks artistic and beautiful, it is SEO suicide since those pages will not get indexed.

Domain and URL Factors

1. Redirects such as 301s and 302s are sometimes seen as black hat SEO techniques and can hurt your rankings
2. If you have a poor hosting services provider with a downtime below 97-98%, your content will have lower indexing rates and your pages will not get ranked.


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