Tips To Boosting Your Local Business Social Media

So now you have a Facebook fan page with a sizeable fan base and an excellent Twitter following, but do you ever run out of creative ideas? Ever wonder what your next post or tweet should be about? Has your social media been idle lately and needs a jumpstart? Here are a few tips to get you posting.

1. Keep it fun

Most businesses often take social media too seriously, treating like a do-or-die situation. Yet social media fans interact mostly on a personal and casual level, and they do so because they want to relax and entertaining friendships. You can easily keep in line with this theme by engaging your followers in games, contests, trivia, rewarding your most regular customers, and other fun activities that keep your fans engaged and happy.

2. Be consistent

This involves regularly posting status updates, blog posts, and tweets to promote interaction. Social marketing is a long term strategy that requires a daily commitment. If you find it hard to keep up the constant communication on a day to day basis, then you can set up an automated post schedule or just outsource it to someone to do it for you. However, you must not overuse these methods because they lack a ‘personal touch,’ which can easily be detected by your followers who may call you out, and this could severely dent your brand image.

3. Involve your follower

Social media is a two-way street, so involving your followers as much as possible is a great strategy to keep them active and engaged. You can encourage this by posting questions, asking them to submit videos and photos, getting them to publish content based on their personal lives, such as asking them to write about their favorite or worst moments. This increased feedback will help you understand your customers better and get new ideas for your marketing strategy.


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