The Secret Way To Get Your Local Business On The First Page Of Google

Achieving first page ranking on Google’s search page results doesn’t need to be as
daunting as people make it out to be. A well kept secret to rocketing your site to the very
top rankings is by posting optimized videos about your local business’s products and
services to YouTube or any other video sharing site.
One of the things I have often repeated is to give Google what it wants and it will reward
you. In other words, use the way Google works to your advantage.
Here’s how Google works in ranking videos versus text content. For keywords that have
video results, Google gives video pages in its index a better chance of appearing in the
top results than text pages. Infact Google will give your videos a 50 times better chance
of ranking highly compared to any of your blog posts or static website content.
Another reason it easy to rank highly with videos is because there is less competition for
keywords in the video results compared to site results. For example, the highly
competitive dog training niche has a staggering 62million site results and only 30,000
video results. That’s good news for any local business in a market niche that seems
overcrowded with lots of competitors.
Follow this two step process and see the effect:
1. Load your video to YouTube or any video sharing site.
YouTube is the preferred site for your video marketing efforts because almost one
third of searches on the Google network are done on YouTube. Better yet,
YouTube has over ten times more videos viewed on its site than its nearest
2. Post your YouTube video on your business blog or website.
In both steps, always optimize your videos by including your keyword in these crucial
areas: titles, tags, descriptions, categories and anchor text.