The Benefits of Using Video Squeeze Pages to Market Your Local Business

The most common type of squeeze page most local business websites use is the opt-in e-mail form, but you can also use video squeeze pages. These are squeeze pages that have video content and have become extremely popular with a lot of internet marketers.

Here are some reasons why a video squeeze page would be beneficial to your local business website:

1. Video squeeze pages are more engaging and entertaining than a regular opt-in page. It gives viewers a chance to see the face of your company and a real picture of your products and services. If your local business is built on the strength of the personality of the business owner, you can appear in the videos so that your viewers can get to know who you are. This will also increase the value of your brand. This would work well with medical professionals, lawyers, hairstylists, plumbers, consultants, or any business owner who markets himself or herself as a brand. If your local business doesn’t center on a personality, you can still use video effectively to sell your products and services. Often the video is the best way to sell products and services because you can appeal to the visual senses of the viewer. For example, a hotel chain can show videos of its suites, landscaped gardens, and ocean views to get people to opt-in to a newsletter or to enter their details for a quotation.

2. Video squeeze pages can be used on your site and also uploaded to YouTube. Being on YouTube provides a great source of traffic and can help your video get more views and more viral marketing. This is especially so if you produce a high- quality and entertaining video squeeze page.

3. Some types of video software used to create video squeeze pages can provide amazing features: you can add opt-in forms and buy now buttons embedded right into your video, and some even have tracking systems that can show you how many people viewed your video, how many completed watching it and how many purchased or opted in through that video. If you have never given video squeeze pages a try, these three benefits should inspire you to start.


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