The ABCs of Copywriting for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are often bombarded with messages about how they need to
incorporate copywriting into their business, but seldom get anyone to really explain what
copywriting means. Here is some help for those of you who have been struggling to
understand what copywriting is and what it can do for your local business.

What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of writing that moves readers to a particular type of action such as
buying a product or service or supporting a cause. And how does copywriting move
people to take a desired action? It does so by illustrating how a product or service solves
a problem or fills a need they already have. Copywriting puts a lot of emphasis on
psychology because people don’t just buy products or services logically, but they buy the
emotional experience they expect that product or service to provide, and they buy based
on how they perceive they will feel once they have that product or service.

What the basic principles of Copywriting?

All copywriters speak the same mantra known as AIDA. This is an abbreviated term for
the key features to be used in any copy to ensure targeted and inspired action that yields
the desired results.
A stands for Attention – Copy should always grab the attention of your reader and
involves the use of provoking headlines or graphics that hook the reader to take
notice of your copy. This is the first step.
I stands for Interest – The next step is to keep your reader interested in your copy
and not lose him to boredom, distractions or anything else that will let him slip
away. This is the crucial element used in the first few paragraphs and can include
benefits, evidence, testimonials to sustain their interest.
D is for Desire – all copywriters understand that humans are more of emotional
beings than logical ones and people do things or buy products based on how they
feel, whether it makes sense or not. The way to tap into and trigger these emotions
is to research your target market and understand what motivates them and what
problems they have. Then you can create copy to address these specific needs
making your small business the perfect solution provider for them.
A is for Action –This is the end result of all good copywriting- to get your readers
to do exactly what you want them to do, be it to buy your product or service, to
sign up to a newsletter or email list etc. A strong call to action backed by all the
preceding steps of attention, interest and desire will lead to a conversion.
Now you understand what copywriting is all about and how it works and how good,
effective copy can be created to achieve better success for your small business.