Selling Local Business Products on Amazon

One of the ways to get more sales and exposure for your local business is by becoming an
Amazon Seller. This involves setting up a seller account with Amazon, getting your
products listed on their catalog and managing all orders and payments through their
online platform.
Here are some advantages to signing up your local business to the Amazon seller
1. Although you can sell your products through your local business website, most
people will still have some hesitation in doing business with you. This is quite
normal as there are a lot of online scams and people may not be comfortable
entering their credit card information on your site. However, Amazon is a well-
known and trusted online store and your local business can leverage on their
credibility by setting up shop under their umbrella. It will give your customers
more confidence to purchase your products and this will improve your sales.
2. Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs on any online merchant site and
by listing your products on the Amazon site you have equal access to the millions
of affiliates who refer customers to the site. This is a much more convenient and
less expensive arrangement than setting up your own affiliate program. The vast
army of affiliates can generate more business for you than you could ever
possibly hope to achieve by yourself.
3. Amazon gives you reach beyond your town or city location. As long as you are
willing to ship long-distance, your customers will come from just about any US
state. Additionally you can also list your products on the Amazon international
sites and have buyers from Canada, UK, France, Japan, Germany, China and
Austria and their surrounding countries. This is a wise choice to counter any drop
in local US demand and cash in on growing international demand for your
4. Your local business can tap into Amazon’s phenomenal growth. In 2010, they
were ranked as the number 1 online retailer, and registered a 40% increase in
sales growth to reach $34billion. An interesting fact is that Amazon alone
accounts for 10% of all online retail sales in North America. Obviously, as a local
business you cannot possibly compete with this online giant so the best thing is to
join them and leverage on their success.