Use Press Releases to Boost Your Bottom Line

If you think press releases are the stuff of public entities and gigantic corporations, think again! Using a system that includes frequent press releases is a great way to get your business noticed and increase your bottom line. Press releases are an excellent way for small, local businesses, nonprofits, and larger companies with specific local market goals to get the attention of the media, as well as clientele of all kinds. Here are some strategies for putting press releases to work to increase profitability – no matter what kind of business or nonprofit you’re invested in.

Write and Release Information Frequently

Press releases don’t have to be large, complicated chunks of information – in fact, if you stop to think about the types of news articles that attract your own attention, you might realize that the most effective tend to be small, catchy, interesting bits of news. Here are some suggestions for implementing this particular strategy.

  • Any time you have a new program – If you’ve got a new solution or customer appreciation program, publicize it!
  • If you’re a business and you are collecting for charity – publicize this information! You’ll make more money for your charity or cause, and you’ll attract more clients, who will appreciate the fact that you or your employees care about others.
  • If you produce a new, helpful product or come up with insight about a problem – Let people know about this. People like to be involved in their communities, and if you stop to look at what major corporations do, you can duplicate their efforts on a smaller, local scale.

Keep in mind, press releases are not the same thing as paid advertisements, but they do make people take notice of your presence and give you one more way to shine and stand out from the competition.

Create an Online Press Room, and Post Your Press Releases There

If there’s one thing search engines love, it is frequent updates. Just as a blog that is updated regularly can increase your visibility, so can press releases. Make your press room easy to use by posting your press releases in reverse chronological order (the newest should be on top) and once you have enough press releases, you can start to categorize them by topic or keyword as well.

Distribute Your Press Releases To a Large Audience

Using an online tool for distributing press releases is fairly inexpensive, and can be limited to a particular geographic area. In addition, your press releases will be picked up by search engines, and this alone can boost your visibility – whether you have a local or global audience.


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