Minding Your Email Manners: Tips to Avoid Offending Your Subscribers

Email marketing is a very direct way to market your local business but it is also a
very direct way to offend your subscribers if you go about it the wrong way. Here are
a few tips to keeping your business in your client’s good graces and out of their spam
1. Always send a confirmation email when people sign up through your squeeze
page or opt-in page. This will ensure that someone else didn’t sign them up to
your list.
2. Always keep the door open for anyone on your list to unsubscribe. Provide them a
link to do so in a simple and quick manner and send a confirmation message to
verify they are the ones who opted out of your list.
3. Send information that you had originally promised. If you were meant to provide
a newsletter on dog training, don’t try and promote real estate.
4. Be prompt in dealing with questions and complaints. Email is a fast method of
communication so don’t dilly dally in responding to your list. You will have no
excuse for doing so.
5. Don’t bombard your list with a flood of messages on a daily basis. Its best to keep
to the frequency stated on the sign-up page. The converse is also true- if your
customer expects a monthly newsletter, you will be a distant memory if you send
it after six months. its always best to just sign up to an auto responder service to
help you send out regular emails
6. To avoid your emails ending up in the spam box, ask your customers to add your
email address to their address book to allow your emails through to their inbox.
You can also regularly remind them to check their spam box if they haven’t heard
from you in a while as your emails might have mistakenly been sent there.
7. Give your list a way to reply back to you by always including the email address
you would like them to use for replies.
8. Do not sell your subscribers email address to another company without their
permission. It is a breach of privacy and offensive to many people, giving them all
the more reason to unsubscribe.