Master Keywords that Unlock Your Local Business

Keywords are the lifeblood of marketing your local business online and this article will
show you certain keywords that will drive the right traffic to your site and also trigger the
desired response from them
Must have keywords- always use these keywords in your copy. They trigger emotional
responses from people.
Amazing, Anniversary, Basic, Best, Big, Bonus, Discover, Exclusive, Extra,
Extraordinary, Fast First, Free, Guarantee, Health, Help, Hot, Hot Special, How to,
Improve, Immediately, Learn, Latest, Love, Know, Money, More New, Now, Plus!,
Powerful, Premiere, Protect, Proven, Quick Results, Safety, Save, Safe, Today,
Ultimate, Win, Worst, You

Buying keywords-these are keywords that attract a ready buyer and should be used
liberally in your sales pages
Buy, Purchase, Order, Discount, Sale, Coupon, Code, Store, Shop, Preorder,
In Stock, Free Shipping, Overnight Shipping, Price, Cost, Color (black, red etc.),
Size (small, large, medium etc.), Product Name (Nike, Apple, Nokia etc.), Where
To Buy, Bestselling
Call to action keywords- these words get your prospect to take action exactly as you
Here’s What I Want You To Do; Click Here; Buy Now; Order Now; Sign Up
Keep reading keywords- these words keep your reader hooked to read your copy till the
Listen; For Example; Not only that; But wait there’s more; Check this out; In fact;
I can tell you this; It gets even better; What’s more; Up next; And that means;
One more thing; I’m not through yet, Who, What, Where, When, Why

These words are either the ones most commonly used by people when they are looking
for something on search engines or the ones that appeal to the human psyche and increase
your local business open rates and click through rates. These same words are used by the
leading copywriters and internet marketers to promote their highly successful campaigns
and are therefore tried and tested winners.