How To Use Local Business Ads To Generate More Email Opt-Ins

Did you know you could rent someone else’s email list and promote your free offer that
would result in a surge of new email opt-ins for your local business? Well, that is the
theory behind how solo ads work. It simply allows you to leverage the existing list of
another business to send out one email about your business.
Here are a few tips to put in place to ensure a successful solo ad:

1. Ensure the list is within your target market demographics.

This will help you avoid targeting the wrong group of people. For example, if
your local business provides healthcare to senior citizens, it would not help to rent
a list filled with 20-30year olds from a beauty consultant. A better match would
be financial planner for retirees.

2. Ask for proof before renting someone’s list.

The person providing you the list should provide proof of the size of his list and
its click through rate. i.e. how many emails get a response. This will help you
avoid marketers who promise you high response rates but in the end let you down.

3. Set up a tracking system.

This will help you determine the overall effectiveness of the solo ad. It will show
you how many clicks you got and help you calculate the return on your
investment. For example, if you rented a list of 5000 members for $100 and got
170 sign-ups then your click through rate would be 3.4% and each subscriber cost
$0.58. Having these statistics from your tracking system will help you compare
the solo ad with other solo ads or other forms of list building.

4. Create a win-win situation

Apart from just renting the list for a fixed amount, you could create an affiliate
program with the owner of the list so that he can promote products and services
from your local business to his list on a regular basis. The commissions generated
for him will motivate his marketing efforts. Of course, every person he sends to
your local business will be directed to an opt-in form within the sales process.