How to List Your Local Business Products on Amazon

In a previous article we outlined the six steps required to set up your local business
Amazon seller account. Once you have set up your account, you are ready to set up your
product listings so that they can be displayed on the Amazon catalog for viewing by
Follow these steps to create your listing:
1. On your seller account page, click on ‘manage your inventory listing’ link and
then click on listings to create your product listing.
2. Search the Amazon database for the item you want to sell. Once you have found it
click on the ‘sell yours here’ button.
3. Describe the condition of your local business item. For example, describe if its
new, used, scratched etc
4. Set the price of your product and register to collect payment through Marketplace
Payment by Amazon. As you set your price, take into consideration the Amazon
commission fees and the shipping rates.
5. Set the quantity that you have of the item you want to sell and assign a code to the
product to help you track it when it’s sold. Something to note is that if you have
multiple copies of the same product, but they are not in identical condition or are
of different editions, then you need to create a separate listing for each product.
However, if you have multiple copies of the same product and all of them are in
the same condition then you only need to create one listing.
6. Confirm that all the information you have entered is correct. You can always edit
the data later if you want although you can’t change the ‘condition’ field unless
you close that product listing and create another one.
Having completed these six steps your product will now be listed in the Amazon catalog
ready for sale.