How To Link Your YouTube Account With Facebook

One of the important things to do to promote your local business is to link different aspects of your online presence so that they become a networked system. For example, you can link you’re website or blog to your Facebook or Twitter accounts so that new blog posts or new content is automatically shared with your social media fans. This article shows you how to link your YouTube account with your Facebook account. When you link your local business YouTube account with your business’s Facebook account it means that every time you upload a new video onto YouTube it is automatically shared with your Facebook fans. Setting this up, saves you time and effort as you don’t have to manually upload videos to Facebook each time you produce one.

Steps to link the two accounts

1. Sign into your local business YouTube account
2. At the top right hand corner, click on ‘account’
3. Click on ‘sharing’ on the panel to the left of your screen
4. You will be given 3 options: Activity feed, Autoshare Options and Notifications
5. In the Autoshare Options section, select Facebook
6. A new window will appear where you will need to enter your Facebook account
7. Click ‘save settings’. Now your YouTube and Facebook accounts are connected.

Selecting YouTube activities

You can also decide exactly which activities you perform on your YouTube account that
you would like to share with your Facebook followers. Here is how to set up that option:
1. Sign into your YouTube account
2. Click on ‘account’
3. Click on ‘sharing’
4. The Activity Feed sections gives you the following options: upload a new video, comment on a video, favorite a video, rate a video, post a bulletin, subscribe to a channel, become friends with someone

5. Check which of the above options you want to be part of your autoshare
6. Click ‘save settings.’ Now only those activities you have selected will be shared
with your Facebook fans.