How to Get Your YouTube Viewers To Take Action

Common mistake business owners make in video marketing is to make a great video, upload it, and then do nothing and yet wonder why they never sell anything. The truth of the matter is that any self-respecting local business wants to ring up sales, not just to entertain or inform people. The problem is that we are often reluctant to pinpoint exactly what we want to accomplish. So as a business owner, ask yourself: what exactly do I want the viewer to do after seeing this video?

Do I want them to opt-in to my email list?
Do I want them to buy a product?
Do I want them to visit my blog?
Do I want them to join my Facebook fan page?’
Do I want them to Tweet me?

Once you know the specific action you want your potential viewer to take, then tell them to do just that. Craft your copy to include your call -to -action message in these three areas of your video:

1. Within your video content

2. Within your annotation text

3. Within your description Here are a few calls- to- action sentences you may use:

1. This video shows just one use of our product. Get more free tips when you purchase this fantastic product by visiting my blog at

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3. Sign up for our free newsletter on interior decoration by clicking this link. By doing this, you will be able to see tangible results from your video marketing. Better yet, you will be able to accurately measure how effective a particular video campaign is helping you to know what works and what doesn’t work. For example, you will know which copy works better, which videos bring in more sales conversions, which videos generate more opt-ins, and so on.


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