How to get people to open your local business emails

“The money is in the list.” Almost everyone marketing online repeats this statement over and over again, but in reality, the money is in the list only if people open your emails. If your subscriber doesn’t open his mail, your business will not make a sale. The average person gets around ten emails a day. If he has multiple email accounts or forgets to open his emails for a couple of days, then he is in all likelihood going to be staring at an Inbox full of over 20 messages. Considering these facts, why would he open your business email and not those from others? The secret to getting your emails opened is found in the title and first line of your message. These are the two parts of your message people see first as they scan the list of emails in their inbox.

Use these tips to create good and compelling titles and first sentences for all your emails:

1. Use power words- these are words that grab people’s attention
 Create curiosity, E.g., Did you get this product? Guess who’s coming to town?
 Use Humor
 Create a shock factor, E.g., Facebook overthrows Google
 Stir Controversy
 State Facts e.g., ten people will die of cancer today, Fly to London for $500 this
 Employ Boldness, E.g., New, significant, Open now, Here it is, Free, Discover,

2. Format your title
 Use Brackets or parentheses. Believe it or not, these double your open
For example instead of writing your title as-
Extraordinary garden chairs on sale, you would rewrite that as
Outstanding (garden chairs on sale) or (Important) garden chairs on sale
 Capitalize one or two words in your title. Using the above example, the title
would now read (IMPORTANT) Garden chairs on sale
 Use quotes also to get attention. E.g., New “Italian Cooking” EBook.

3. Short titles. Use no more than 40 characters and make sure your title hits your
subscriber’s sweet spot of need. Keeping your title short enables it to be read faster and
keep the reader's attention.
I hope you now realize that your business’s emails have to be captivating enough to grab
your subscriber’s attention and that it only takes a little creativity to increase your open


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