How To Get More Opt-Ins On Your Local Business Website

Most of the opt-ins take place on a business’s website or blog, so it is crucial to design
your website in a way that generates the most opt-ins. Here are ways to get more visitors
to submit their email addresses on your local business website:

Keep it above the fold

Position your opt-in box right at the top of your website. Doing this helps keeps it in the
top half of the visitor’s screen, so it’s seen immediately they land on your page. A big
mistake made on most websites is placing the opt-in box below the fold where it will not
be seen unless the visitor scrolls further down the page. Usually, the best position is on the
right sidebar or across the top of the page.

Make the box stand out

You need to make the box stand out amongst all the other content. You could use a
different color from the rest of your text so that if your text is in black, then you can use
red for the opt-in text to make it eye-catching. Another way to attract attention to the box
is to use a picture as part of the box theme. So if you are a local vineyard, you can
incorporate a bottle or glass of wine as part of your sign-up box. You can also use arrows
pointing to your opt-in box with a clear call to action like “Sign up here to get your 50%
off Red Wine Coupon Code”

Offer irresistible benefits

Internet visitors are wary of signing up on websites and then getting their email accounts
flooded with messages every day, so you need to offer them something that is of higher
value than their email address. You can provide exclusive discount rates, coupon codes, free
samples, free quotations, step-by-step tutorials, information-packed guides, and reports, or
anything you think would be of stellar value to your target market.
These three simple tips should get you started to getting higher opt-in rates on your local
business website.