How to craft your Facebook Headline

Facebook Ads are a great way to advertise your local business but the problem most businesses have is that their ads don’t get noticed. One of the solutions to low click- through rates is writing an attention grabbing headline. Expert copywriters all agree that headlines account for the ultimate success of an advert. Headlines can either make or break your campaign. An amazing fact to know is that 80% of ad readers only read the headline while a measly 20% read the rest of the copy. So if your headline is boring and dull, then no one is likely to read the body text of your ad, no matter how good it is. Another reason it is so important to create an attention grabbing headline for your Facebook Ad is because most people get on Facebook for social reasons- they are catching up with friends, posting messages, following conversations and so on. In other words they are caught up their social world. How can you divert their eyeballs from the left hand side of their screen to the right hand side where your business ad appears? An awesome “can’t-miss- it” headline will do the trick.

5 Headline Templates

Here are a list of five headline templates that have worked consistently for marketers and copywriters. Remember to shorten them to 25 characters as that’s the Facebook headline limit, but try to do so without killing the message.

1. The Direct Headline- best used for offers, brand names, well known products or services E.g. HP Laptops 20% Off, Black Friday Sofa Deal

2. Benefit Headline- transforms your business’s major benefit into a selling point E.g. Free Surgical Consult, Free Shipping Worldwide

3. Exciting News Headline- works great for new products or services, new discoveries, new technologies E.g. Latest Hair Removal System, Hottest Levi Jeans

4. The How to Headline- works well for self-improvement ads E.g. How to Stop Back Pain Now, How to Pay Less Taxes.

5. The Challenging Question Headline- this confronts the reader with a question that they would answer yes to or would make them curious to know more E.g. Tried to lose weight? , Lost Your House in 2010? These 5 headline templates should get you started to creating attention grabbing headlines in no time and making your Facebook Ad campaign a success.


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