How to collect video and photo customer reviews

An often overlooked method of collecting online customer reviews is through videos and
photos. With so much emphasis on written reviews, no one bothers thinking about video
and image reviews. Yet, they have a more powerful influencing effect than text due to their
visual and audio benefits. A majority of people take in information better and
enjoy doing so when it is present in a picture or video format.
As with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to collect video and image
reviews. Let’s start with how NOT to do it. Do not try recording videos or shooting
photos of your customers on an ordinary business day at your shop. There will be no
excitement necessary to portray all the right mix of emotional energy to make the review
enjoyable and convincing.
The right way to do it is to capitalize on an event that is taking place at your business or
Being sponsored by your company. Events include:
 Parties
 Concerts
 Product Launches
 Store Openings
 Holiday Celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day
 Community Events
 Fundraisings
 Sporting Events
 Family Fun Days
 TV Coverage of your business, such as a show.
These are all opportune moments to take video footage and photos when your clients are
exhibiting positive emotions – they are excited, attentive, entertained, astonished,
cheerful, engaged, and relaxed. If asked a question about your business, they will be able
to naturally and enthusiastically give a positive customer testimonial.
With their permission, you can post these videos and photos on
 Your website
 Your facebook page
 Your YouTube channel
 Your review site and business directory profiles
Videos do not have to be lengthy – in fact, the shorter they are, the better. A 60-second
a video clip is just the right length. While you may think you need expensive equipment to
make this happen, a simple point and shoot digital camera or a good quality mobile phone
camera will do the trick. You want your videos to look amateurish because that makes
them look more credible. Super professional videos look fake and hard to believe, so
it’s best to keep it simple and believable.