How Other People Can Rapidly Build Your Local Business List

What if there was a way someone else could do 99% of the work involved in building
your email list? Welcome to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply having lots
of sales agents who promote your local business products and services on a commission
basis. It not only increases sales but also grows your email list on auto-pilot through the
efforts of your affiliate marketers.

Here is the simplest way to start an affiliate program with no physical products:

The simplest way to start an affiliate program on autopilot is by selling a downloadable
product. You can create a special report, video, or audio about a hot topic in your niche.
Digital products get distributed faster than physical products and can be sold 24 hours a
day in any part of the world.
Another advantage of starting with a digital product is that you can pay higher
commission rates to your affiliates since the operating costs are so low, and this will
Further, motivate them to make more sales. For example, if you were an affiliate wouldn’t
you want to market a $30 digital item and get paid 50% commission, instead of a $30
physical product and get the standard 5-10% commission?
Some businesses have created mini products that sell for $7-10 and give 100%
commissions to the affiliates, creating astronomical opt-in rates as the affiliates market
the product very aggressively to increase their commissions. This method also gives you
a list of proven buyers who are most likely to buy again from you.
You might balk at the thought of giving 100% commission rates, but the whole concept is
about developing a list who will buy higher-priced items from you on the backend.
Assume you have a cosmetic surgery practice and create a $10 guide. You won’t make
any money in the beginning when affiliates sell this guide, but you will grow your list
very rapidly to say 1000 people. Assume just 1 out of these 1000 people on your list,
eventually comes to you for cosmetic surgery costing $5000- wouldn’t that be a good
return on your investment. What about all the other people on the list who sign up for
$500 consultations?
So as you can see affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to leverage your time and
money and create a lot of profitable business opportunities in the long term for your local