How Google Analytics can Track your Local Business Keywords

One of the little known features of Google Analytics is the Auto-Tagging feature which
helps measure the performance of your keywords. This is especially useful if you use
PPC marketing methods since it will help you see which keywords are resulting in the
most conversions.
Auto – Tagging also automates your keyword tagging by linking your Analytics account
to your Adwords accounts. It turns on all your keywords in your Adwords account so that
you don’t have to manually tag each of your keywords. Google Analytics then tracks
each keyword and gives you a keyword performance report.
Here is how to set up the Auto-tagging feature in your Analytics account:
1. Sign into your Google Adwords account
2. Click on the My Account Tab
3. Look for where it says Tracking and click on Edit
4. Check the box for Destination Url Auto-tagging
5. Click on save changes
With these 5 simple steps, your analytics account will be updated with the auto-tagging
feature and you can now receive reports about your Adwords campaigns and how each of
your keywords is converting.
Armed with this information:
 You will know how much traffic each keyword is generating
 Which keywords are converting the best
 Help you to modify your PPC ads to include the best converting keywords and to
remove the poor performance keywords.
 You can improve your search engine optimization by revising your web and
article content to include high-traffic and high conversion keywords and using
these keywords in your title tags, meta tags and descriptions across your articles,
videos, podcasts and other content.
As you can see Google Analytics can provide very useful information about your website
that you could not possibly extract on your own. This free tool can definitely be used to
improve your site design, SEO, marketing strategies and boost overall sales.