How Facebook can boost your local business SEO

With Facebook achieving a Google page rank of 9 out of 10, your local business Facebook fan pages can easily clinch the top spots on the search engines if you know how to optimize your pages correctly. Here are some ways to optimize your local business Facebook fan page

Use your primary keywords in your fan page name

So if you want to rank well for the term ‘cosmetic surgery tips’ then your fan page name could be “Cosmetic Surgery Tips from Dr. X” Every time you post status updates or comment on other people’s pages, your fan page name full of those keywords will keep popping up everywhere and get indexed by Google every time.


If you can’t use the keywords in your business page or fan page title because it wouldn’t sound right or if someone else has taken it, then use the keywords in your content. In the above example, the doctor could give his readers a daily cosmetic tip and write his post as Cosmetic Surgery Tip No. 5, and the next day, write Cosmetic Surgery Tip No. 6. Google will index that content, and your page can find itself being ranked well on Google.

Facebook URL

Make your Facebook URL match the most relevant keywords within search rankings. Using our cosmetic surgery example, the doctor would customize his Facebook URL as

Fresh Content

Just as you would create a continual stream of articles and blog content for your website to improve your SEO, the same applies to your Facebook fan page. Continually engage with your fans and post status updates, video content, notes and photos using your keywords and this will feed the search engine crawlers as they search for fresh content to index

Build Links

You can also build links to your fan page from your local business website, article content in article directories, your Squidoo lenses, your YouTube videos, and other content. Try and use your keywords as the anchor text to boost your page rank higher.