One of the ways to increase your email list is by fishing in someone else’s pond. What I mean by that is that you can “legally” steal leads from another website by writing guest posts for them. For those who are not familiar with the term, to guest post simply means to write a blog post exclusively for another blog.

The advantages of writing a guest post are many:

1. You build your reputation as knowledgeable authority in the niche which will serve you well in the long run
2. You get a link back to your website in the author resource box. This of course increases traffic and email opt-ins to your list.
3. The create more backlinks that improve your websites SEO ranking

How to find blogs where you can guest post

1. Go to Google and type in “x blogs” where x refers to the niche your local business is focused on.
2. Concentrate on highly ranked blogs that appear in the first 2 pages of Google results. They should have regularly updated content and frequent comments from members as this is a good indication that the blog is vibrant and not stagnant.
3. Sift through the blogs to look for ones that are most likely to accept your request
to write a guest blog. Blogs run by large corporations are highly unlikely to invite you to guest blog, but a smaller one run by an individual would be a better bet.
4. Research the blogs you want to target and come up with a few ideas for your post. Better yet write out your post, making sure it is of high quality, and keep it ready.
5. Contact the owners of the blogs and make your proposal to guest post. Create a win-win situation for them, by offering to promote the link to the article to your current email list and social media followers which will increase traffic to their site. Try this list building technique on one blog and then repeat it with other blogs. Soon you’ll have created a chain of guest posts which will provide a constant stream of traffic to your local business website resulting in a larger email list.


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