High Authority Backlinks for Your Local Business Website

Backlinks are an important part of SEO, but just not any backlink will do. The quality
of your backlinks is definitely more important than the quantity. Two quality back
link will boost your rankings more than four poor quality backlinks.
High authority websites with a high page rank are respected by search engines and
they place greater value on backlinks from them. Here are sources of high authority
websites your local business can link to.
1. Government sites. These are sites with a .gov domain name. These sites would
work well if your business services government agencies as your association with
them would provide an open door to getting listed or mentioned on their sites
which would help your business website capture that all important high quality
back link.
2. Educational sites. These are sites ending in .edu and are a good option if your
business has an instructional or research-related element.
3. Directories- there are certain high authority directories that can provide quality
backlinks. The Yahoo directory costs about $300 per year to be listed on, while
DMOZ directory has people to personally review and approve every website that
seeks to be listed.
4. Article directories. Submitting quality articles to article directories that have high
page ranking is a great way to get backlinks and greater exposure for your local
business. People will click on your link within your author resource box as they
read your business article within the site or from the site that has grabbed the
article for republishing elsewhere.
5. Forums, blog, social sites- as you join forums, blogs and social sites related to
your local business niche, you will find opportunities to comment, ask questions,
provide answers and connect with others. If the site allows it, you can add a link
to your local business.