Free Research Tools from Google that can help your local business website

One of the best ways to conduct online research for your local business is by using the
free tools that the worlds largest search engine provides free of charge. In this article we
look at the first 5 free research tools from Google that can help your local business

1. Google Groups

Google Groups can provide you first-hand insider information about what people
are talking about in online forums- the problems they face, the questions they are
asking, what new developments are taking place and other topics. Armed with this
information, you can generate a lot of new business ideas for your local business

2. Google Shopping

This tool shows you the most popular products being shopped for online in just
about any niche. You can use this tool to stock product lines that are top sellers
and increase your sales.

3. Google Trends

This tool is constantly updated through out the day showing the hottest search
terms in the US. The search terms tend to be very temporary so what is hot today
may be cold tomorrow, but sometimes you may find terms that keep showing up
for many days. If you are nimble enough, you can cash in on the fads by using
high traffic keywords to market your products. For example, if there is a craze
about a particular toy or a specific cartoon movie, then a local toy store can
quickly create a PPC campaign and tweak its SEO to cash in on the trend.

4. Google Insights

This tool helps you to research the history of a keyword across time (days,
months, years) and location (towns, states and countries), so that you are able to
know top and rising search terms related to that keyword and the regions where
the interest for that keyword is the highest.

5. Goggle Trends for websites

You can spy on your competition using this free research tool. It will provide you
details about what regions their website visitors are coming from, what search
terms they are using and what sites they also visit. This should help you create
better marketing campaigns to outdo your direct competitors.
These 5 free research tools from Google should get you started to improving your online
marketing strategies. In our next article we will look at 5 more free tools.

10 Free Research Tools from Google That Can Help Your Local Business Website:
Part II

In a previous article we look at 5 free research tools from Google, namely Google
Groups, Google Trends, Google Shopping, Google Insights and Google Trends for
websites. Here are 5 more tools from this search engine giant that will greatly benefit
your local business.

1. Google Adwords

If you are wondering what short tail and long tail keywords to use for your website
content, then this is the tool to use. You can get 100 suggestions and increase that to 800
suggestions if you sign up for a free account using a Gmail address. You can specify
broad, phrase and exact match keywords (exact tends to give more realistic results by the
way) and even select different niche categories.

2. Google Suggest

By setting up your Google search page with this feature, Google will automatically create
search suggestions as you type in one letter after the next and displays the number of
pages competing for that search term. This allows you to automatically view high and
low competition keyword phrases and this can help give you ideas for better search terms
for your local business website

3. Google Blog Search

This tool can help you research what bloggers in your niche are currently blogging about
and what the top stories are. You can glean a lot of information about what people are
currently interested in and the most popular topics that relate to your local business. For
example if the most popular topic in consumer blogs is a certain product recall, it would
be wise to avoid promoting that product due to the negative publicity it is currently

4. YouTube

This video sharing site is owned by Google and with millions of videos getting uploaded
per day, it provides valuable information on the most popular videos being viewed in
different niches. This can help you research the latest topics and help you create your
own local business videos.

5. Google Analytics

This tool helps you to analyze the traffic that comes to your website. You can use it to
calculate the number of visitors coming from each of your marketing methods such as
PPC, Facebook Fanpages, Facebook Ads, and Article Marketing etc. It can also show you
which visits are resulting in conversions like opt-ins and sales. It can provide metric data
using graphs showing you where your best traffic is coming from. It can also create
custom reports so you can view the information in the way that is most useful to your
local business.