Creating Content for Your Local Business Website: Product Reviews

Most people often struggle in creating content for their local business website. It often
seems that you have written every article possible but have you tried writing product
reviews? Product reviews provide an unending source of content because you can write
reviews on so many products and services in your niche. You can write individual
reviews about one product or service or write reviews that compare one product or
service to another.
Another way to tailor your product reviews is to create them in different formats: you can
write articles, create video content, create audio content or convert it into a pdf format.
You can then post these different formats on your site or video sharing site, press release
sites and get them to contribute to your linking and ranking strategy
Here are a few pointers on how to create a product review:

1. Do your research about the product

 Find out what short and long tail keywords relate to the product. You can
use Google Keyword Tool to do this.
 Research the features of the product using information from Amazon, the
manufacturer’s website and other people’s reviews about the product.
 Research the testimonials or user experiences about that product, getting
both the good and the bad.
 Get some images of the product. Also try and get videos of the product
being used or create your own video

2. Write your review

 Create a layout of how your review will flow e.g. introduction of 100
words, list of pros and cons using 300 words etc
 Try not to be technical and keep your language simple and to the point
 When listing advantages, point out the benefits of the product not the
features. There is a big difference between the two. For example, a
dermatologist reviewing a wrinkle cream should not write that the cream
has anti-oxidant ingredients but that the cream has anti-oxidant ingredients
that protect the skin from sun damage and prevent the formation of
 Don’t be overly negative- even if the product is questionable, use polite
and neutral language that provides an objective and non-biased opinion
 Format your review so that it is easy to read. It should be between 700-
1000 words, have headings, subheadings and bulleted points.
 Make it visually appealing through the use of images and videos to help
your readers get a better understanding of the product.