Converting Website Visitors To Customers: Persuasive Copy Counts!

When you first built your website or had someone make it, you probably had high hopes. After a while, you notice traffic starting to drop, so you decided that it was time to revamp your site and add some fresh content. The question is, how do you convert site visitors (traffic) to customers? The answer, my friend, is with that good old sales trick: Persuasion.

Effective Persuasion 101

Every page of your site, and every element of your website, needs to draw in your users. You want to be intriguing, and you want to offer them something useful. To do that, you need to do some particular things. First, assume that your visitors are brand new. They don’t know anything about your business. It doesn’t matter if you own the most popular game in town. You want new customers! Second, realize that people don’t read every single word you’ve penned. They skim. Make your site easy to navigate, or frustration will set in within seconds, and your visitors will leave. Make the critical stuff attractive. Give visitors a reason to click, and don’t hide the good thing beneath layers of fluff.

Call To Action: Built-in Persuasion

“Hard” calls to action tell visitors to do something. Visitors are urged to click a link or take action right away. Avoid flashing red lights, or anything else that might annoy visitors – overkill just doesn’t work. “Soft” calls to action, like built-in links that simply highlight interesting words, make your visitors curious. It’s the old “What’s behind door number one?” routine all over again – they want to know, so they click. Keep the end goal in sight, all the time. Your “contact us” form shouldn’t be hidden – it should be accessible from every part of your site. Visitors won’t go out of their way to contact you if they can’t find it, and they definitely won’t convert if that’s the case.

Make it Easy On Yourself

Luckily, you’re not in it alone. There are plenty of excellent internet marketing companies that specialize in helping small businesses optimize their websites to get customers in the door. So, keep doing what you do best, and let a professional handle the tough stuff. You’ll be glad you did!


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