Checklist for Business Listing Information

Listing your business information across the web is a great way to build backlinks that
improve your search engine rankings. However it is crucial to keep your business
information consistent and accurate all across the different directories, websites, blogs
and social media accounts that your business is listed on. Any discrepancies will confuse
the search engines and customers too resulting in poor ranking, negative reviews and lost
Here is a list of business information you may need to collect and keep handy to make the
process of submission easy and fast.

1. Business Contact information

 Business Owners First and Last Name
 Business Owners Gender
 Registered business name
 Mailing address
 City
 State
 Country
 Zip Code
 Business telephone number
 Business Toll Free Number
 Business fax number
 Business website URL address
 Email Address
 Blog URL
 Twitter handle
 Facebook Page
 VOIP Contact
 IM Contact
 Business operating hours and days

2. Business Description

 Primary Business Category
 Secondary Business Classification
 Business operating hours and days
 Business Description
 Product and Services Description
 Payment Methods available in your business
 Languages spoken by your employees
 Year Business was founded
 Number of business locations
 Number of employees

 Certification/affiliations
 Media files- photos, videos, audio files
 Additional Information that you can customize

3. Account information

 User name
 password
 email address

While not every place you intend to list your local business may require all this
information, it helps you to create a detailed profile for other uses such as in business
plans, loan applications, business proposals, newsletters, brochures, catalogs and other
business communications to your customers, suppliers and industry associates. In
addition, having this checklist on hand will help you avoid wasting time collecting your
business information over and over again.