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How Your Local Business can sell Products online with no money or inventory.

Is it possible for your local business to sell products online without committing any money or holding large amounts of inventory? The answer is yes you can if you use drop shipping. This is a great solution to any local business that has a large volume of online sales but doesn’t want to tie up […]

Why you may want to consider outsourcing your local business internet marketing

The process of setting up and managing an online presence can be a daunting task for any local business owner. You need to design a website, set up your autoresponder, get the right hosting plan, figure out how to use WordPress, write your content, create videos, set up squeeze pages, set up backlinks, build your […]

How to Manage Your Local Business Amazon Seller Account

Once you have set up your local business Amazon seller account, there are several ways to keep track of your business activities on the site. Amazon provides a wide range of tools to give you up to date, detailed information so that you are always aware of how well your local business is performing. 1. […]

7 Tips to ensure your business website is reader – friendly

Your business website is your online storefront, and its image and functionality determine whether users stay on it or click away. Here are some tips to make sure your website is friendly and attractive to users. 1. Adopt a minimalist approach It’s tempting to “fill out” your web pages with irrelevant content just make it […]

Advantages of Creating a Fan Base on Facebook for Your Local Business

There are two ways to network on Facebook, Create a Group Page, or Create a Fan Page. Creating a fan page for your local business has several advantages compared to a group page: You can have unlimited fans. Groups are limited to 5000 people only. If you think you might never reach 5000 people, think again. […]

Developing a YouTube Channel for Your Local Business

If your business doesn’t have a YouTube Channel, you need to read this article and head on over to YouTube and create one. YouTube channels are like personal TV stations where you can broadcast to the world anything about your business that would interest them. It’s an excellent medium for product launches, demos, public relations […]

Essential Tips for Successful YouTube Product Launches

Using videos to launch your company’s new products is a visually stimulating and appealing way to generate interest and sales, and the following tips give some guidelines on how to go about that. Create teaser videos that create curiosity The secret is revealing just enough product information that whets the viewers’ appetite and leaves them […]

How to drive mobile users to your local business website

There are about 4 billion mobile phone users globally, and a fast-growing number are using smartphones like iPhone and Android. The advantage of mobile phones is they are affordable, their owners always have them on hand, and they are always switched on. You really can’t say the same for their personal computers. So how can […]