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4 Copywriting Principles to Use to Create Your Facebook Ad Body Text

Writing a Facebook Ad for your local business can be quite tricky when you consider that you only have a135 character limit within the body text section to convince your readers to click through. So how can you write compelling ad copy in 135 characters? The best place to learn effective strategies to create your […]

3 Ways to Automate Your Facebook Page

One of the problems with social marketing such as Facebook is the sheer amount of time you spend engaged with updating content. It’s effortless to find yourself overwhelmed with spending every waking moment updating your status, posting new videos, writing new articles. Here’s how to set it all up automatically so that your Facebook account […]

How Facebook can boost your local business SEO

With Facebook achieving a Google page rank of 9 out of 10, your local business Facebook fan pages can easily clinch the top spots on the search engines if you know how to optimize your pages correctly. Here are some ways to optimize your local business Facebook fan page Use your primary keywords in your […]

Tips To Choosing The Right Image For Your Facebook Ad

So you’ve heard that Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media site and you figured that your local business could do well to advertise on this website behemoth and draw traffic to your local business shop or site. So how exactly do you get started? Today we look at choosing the right image […]

This Free Facebook Tool Can Tell You If You Have A Market Or Not

One of the biggest mistakes local business owners make when marketing on Facebook is overlooking the fact if there really is a market for their products and services within the site. They overlook the eternal business principle of first finding a market of hungry buyers because if it doesn’t exist, there is no way of […]

How Your Facebook Fans Can Advertise Your Local Business For Free

One of the secrets to growing your local business Facebook page for free is through the existing fans. Using the following strategies you can turn them from passive followers into raving ambassadors, providing free advertising for your business 1. Engage with your Fans Having a fan page isn’t all about numbers but about relationship and […]

How to Link Your Local Business Website to Your Facebook Page

A mistake local business owners often make with their social media strategy is failing to link their social media accounts to their website or blog. They often treat these two as totally separate entities, yet when connected together they can generate more traffic and leads to their business whilst also saving them time and effort […]

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: What’s The Difference?

For a long time Google dominated the internet scene and many business scrambled to get their marketing campaigns on Google Adwords. However there is a bigger player in town, namely Facebook and everyone seems to be rushing to advertise there. But what exactly is the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords? Knowing the difference […]