5 Ways To Segment Your Local Business Email List

Building an email list is one thing, but managing it effectively is another thing altogether.
It’s easy to be proud of a list of 10,000 but can you answer the following questions:
 Which of the subscribers have purchased your products or services?
 Which of the subscribers has bought low-priced and high-priced items?
 Which of the subscribers has never bought anything from you?
 Which of the subscribers has bought from a particular product line?
 Which of the subscribers did you source from Facebook, from your website or
from guest posts?
As you can see there is more than meets the eye in email list management. One of the
crucial things every local business owner must do is to segment his email list into
different categories. Here are 2 ways you can segment your list:

By product range

If your local business has various product or service lines then this is a great way
to subdivide your list. For example, a hospital has different medical service lines
such as dental, maternity, diabetes, urology, cancer etc. By dividing their large
email list into these different categories they will be able to tailor their email
marketing efforts in a more customized way. They can inform clients on the
maternity email list about antenatal classes and send another type of email to
cancer patients who may be more interested in content about new cancer
treatment. This will definitely improve the conversion rates from the email as they
will now be more relevant to the specific target audience.

By product value

The benefit of segmenting your list by product value is that you can send the right
offers to the right income group. If you own jewelry or watch store, there’s a big
difference between a Casio and a Rolex watch. If you sell cars, a Toyota Camry is
worlds apart from a Toyota Lexus Cruiser. Since past behavior is an indication of
future behavior, its best to promote low priced items to those who have purchased
them before and likewise with high priced items. By doing so you will notice
greater sales conversion rates for your local business.

By Local Town Address

This is especially helpful if your local business serves a lot of the local residents in your
town. By getting their street address or zip code, you will be able to offer local residents
‘deals of the day’ because it will be easy for them to drive or walk to your local business.
This segmentation works especially well with Twitter and Mobile Texting.

By State

Segmenting by state is helpful if your local business delivers or ships products across the
country. States differ in climate, attitudes, current affairs, tastes and preferences. The
wise local business owner will know how to structure his emails and offers according to
these differences. For example, a boot factory would do better targeting the New England
states with its wool lined boots suitable for the harsh winters that are typical in this
location, while marketing its cowboy leather boots preferred by the Mexican-border
States of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

By Country

It’s no longer strange for a local business to serve international customers thanks to the
power of the internet. Someone surfing the net in tsunami-hit Japan may well be
interested in your company’s tent solutions while a business in beer-loving Germany
would like to know about your local brewery. If a sizeable part of your email list reside in
a particular country, it would be best to tailor their emails to suit their international
perspective rather than always sending them emails of domestic concern that they can’t
relate to.

Premium Buyers

In any email list there is always a group that consistently purchases your goods and
services. These are your most valuable customers because of the repeat business they
generate and it is important to segment them into their own list. Once you have done that,

you can pay special attention to this group by treating them like a club of premium
 Assign them special status like “Diamond Club”,
 Offer special discounts to them that are not available to other segments of your
 Give them early bird access to new products and services
 Offer them exclusive access to important information or parts of your website not
open to others
 Reward them with gifts.
 You can also create a points- reward system whereby each time they purchase
from you, they rack up points which can later be exchanged for money-back on
future purchases or even gifts.
Implementing all these strategies will keep this important segment of your list feeling
well taken care of and ensures future business from them.

Infrequent Buyers

At the other end of the spectrum are those people who hardly buy anything from your
local business. This bunch of ‘tire kickers’ need not be a lost cause as you can employ
more aggressive marketing methods to get them to take action. Once you notice their
interest in a product or service evidenced by clicks or opt-ins, you can send them more
frequent marketing messages to try and increase conversions. While your premium
buyers may only require one email before purchasing, this group may require at least 5
before deciding to buy anything. By sectioning them off from the rest of your email list,
you will be able to use this different marketing tactic without irritating the other segments
of your list.