3 Ways to Automate Your Facebook Page

One of the problems with social marketing such as Facebook is the sheer amount of time you spend engaged with updating content. It’s effortless to find yourself overwhelmed with spending every waking moment updating your status, posting new videos, writing new articles. Here’s how to set it all up automatically so that your Facebook account still works even when you’re on holiday.

1. How to automatically update your Facebook profile and fan pages with your
YouTube videos:

  • Activate Autoshare on your YouTube account so that when you load videos onto your YouTube channel, an automatic update will be sent to your friends on Facebook or Use a Facebook app to share your videos.
  • You can search for apps through the Facebook search button. Better yet see which apps your friends have liked and are using.

2. How to publish your blog posts to your Facebook profile and fan pages:

  • Set your Facebook account to import a blog. From within your Facebook account, go to the notes application page and click on the link ‘import a blog’. Then enter the URL of your business blog, agree to the terms of use and click on the save settings. Any new blog posts on your business blog will be automatically displayed.
  • You can also use automated submission software and plug-ins that automatically publish your blog posts to your Facebook account. Some examples include linkalpha.com and onlywire.com.

3. How to schedule your Facebook status updates:

  • You can update using by sending mail to your Facebook mail-id. You find your mail-id by going to http://Facebook.com/mobile/; when you scroll down the page, you will see it on the left under the upload via email section. You can then set your email account to send status updates to your Facebook mail-id.
  • There are several tools to do this automatically: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sendible, and CoTweet, among others. Most of them have free services to start with, then you can upgrade to paid services for more functions.