3 Ways A Local Business Can Increase Sales Through Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a marketing method very well suited for the average local business.
Small and medium enterprises that struggle competing with the big boys in the industry
can use mobile marketing to get an edge.
Here are 3 ways your local business can use mobile marketing to grow sales:

1. Social Media

The most popular social media networks namely Facebook and Twitter are mobile
accessible even on the most basic cell phone, providing a great way for you to
market your products and services. Your business tweets can be picked up by
people in the vicinity of your local business and you can use this method to
promote offers suited to those who can quickly reach your physical location. You
can promote restaurant menu items, special sales on a particular day, product
launches and demos, free dental checkups and so on. Interacting with your Fans
on Facebook will ensure they are always up-to-date with your latest business
activities, while Facebook ads can help you create geo-specific adverts that can
drive more traffic to your website or through your doors.

2. Use mobile coupons

Mobile coupons are simply coupons available through your mobile website only.
You can drive mobile users from Facebook, Twitter, or text messages to your
simple mobile landing pages where they can access a coupon for your products
and services. This is a very easy and highly effective marketing method that can
generate high traffic and sales.

3. Create a mobile commerce site

This will allow people to make purchases right off your mobile website and not
restricting them to do so only on your regular website. If you can make it fast,
easy and fun for your customers to do business with you on their mobile phones,
your mobile site will easily become one of their favorite bookmarks. Mobile
commerce has become so much easier with the advent of companies offering
mobile payment processing, advertising and tracking services