Month: February 2020

8 ways to optimize your local business videos

Video marketing is a powerful medium to use to market your local business, especially if your products or services are best represented in an audio-visual manner. For example, a landscaping business would find videos as the best way to show a garden makeover compared to using an article or report. However video marketing should also […]

10 Places on the Internet to Get New Ideas for Your Local Business

1. News websites News websites not only provide up-to-date breaking news, but a whole range of news articles on a wide variety of topics, niches and industries. They cover everything from politics, economics, environment, weather, industry and health to humor, lifestyle and entertainment. Try reading, Huffington Post,, and other major news sites. […]

Tips To Creating A High Quality Landing Page For Your Local Business Website

The design of your local business website landing page dictates how well visitors convert into email subscribers and buyers. The goal of your landing page should therefore seek to keep visitors on your website and actively participating on it by signing up to your email list or purchasing products and services. Here are a few […]

5 Tips to Creating a Successful Facebook Fan page for Your Local Business

In our last article we covered 5 tips to help local business owners create a successful Facebook fanpage. Here are 5 more tips to boost your marketing efforts on this social network. These ones focus on how you engage with your fans. 1. Be Consistent with your participation. This means that you ought to post […]

How to Make Your Local Business Copywriting Work

As a small business owner, copywriting is one of the most important tools you have at your disposal to get customers to spend money with you and not your competitor. Why? Well because at the end of the day almost all your marketing communication will fail or succeed because of copywriting. So how do you […]

Location –Based Social Media For The Local Business: Tips To Getting Started

Here are a few tips to help you get started in placing your local business on the geographic, social media map. 1. Do your research Before launching your business into location-based social media, its best to test the waters first by doing it on a personal level. Get yourself a smartphone, download apps such as […]

How Many Friends Do You Have? Facebook Builds Loyalty

Website design software is everywhere, and so are website design companies. You can even design your own website for free, if you so desire, on many different site builders. Considering the many options that exist, it’s completely understandable that small business owners often feel a sense of confusion when it comes to building a website. […]

Mobile Optimized websites explained

Most local businesses often don’t quite understand what mobile-optimized website is all about and in the process leave a lot of money on the table as they fail to tap into the enormous opportunities available through mobile marketing. I hope that by the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of mobile-optimized […]