Month: January 2020

How Other People Can Rapidly Build Your Local Business List

What if there was a way someone else could do 99% of the work involved in building your email list? Welcome to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply having lots of sales agents who promote your local business products and services on a commission basis. It not only increases sales but also grows your email […]

How Article Marketing Can Grow Your Local Business List

Article marketing is one of the most common ways to drive traffic to any website and has been used by almost every internet marketer. Local business owners can easily do the same by writing articles about their business niche and draw interested readers to their website or blog where they can opt-in to their email […]

The Benefits of Using Video Squeeze Pages to Market Your Local Business

The most common type of squeeze page most local business websites use is the opt-in e-mail form, but you can also use video squeeze pages. These are squeeze pages that have video content and have become extremely popular with a lot of internet marketers. Here are some reasons why a video squeeze page would be […]

5 Ways To Segment Your Local Business Email List

Building an email list is one thing, but managing it effectively is another thing altogether. It’s easy to be proud of a list of 10,000 but can you answer the following questions:  Which of the subscribers have purchased your products or services?  Which of the subscribers has bought low-priced and high-priced items?  […]

Free Research Tools from Google that can help your local business website

One of the best ways to conduct online research for your local business is by using the free tools that the worlds largest search engine provides free of charge. In this article we look at the first 5 free research tools from Google that can help your local business website. 1. Google Groups Google Groups […]

2 Easy Tips on How to Improve Your Local Business Facebook Fanpage

Having a Facebook fanpage for your local business is a wise internet marketing strategy that leverages on the popularity of social media. But not every fanpage is properly designed and optimized to generate more leads. Here are a few tips on how to improve your local business fanpage. 1. Create Landing Pages It is possible […]