Month: December 2018

How to Use Image Content to Liven Up Your Local Business Facebook Fanpage

When most business owners think of adding content to their Facebook fanpage, they often limit themselves to just text and don’t maximize the potential of image content. Research has shown that people are more receptive to information that is presented in a visual pictorial format, so it is something to pay attention to. Here are […]

How Facebook can boost your local business SEO

With Facebook achieving a Google page rank of 9 out of 10, your local business Facebook fanpages can easily clinch the top spots on the search engines if you know how to properly optimize your pages. Here are some ways to optimize your local business Facebook fanpage Use your primary keywords in your fanpage name […]

Use Press Releases to Boost Your Bottom Line

If you think press releases are the stuff of public entities and gigantic corporations, think again! Using a system that includes frequent press releases is a great way to get your business noticed and increase your bottom line. Press releases are an excellent way for small, local businesses, nonprofits, and larger companies with specific local […]