10 Places on the Internet to Get New Ideas for Your Local Business

1. News websites

News websites not only provide up-to-date breaking news, but a whole range of
news articles on a wide variety of topics, niches and industries. They cover
everything from politics, economics, environment, weather, industry and health to
humor, lifestyle and entertainment. Try reading Yahoo.com, Huffington Post,
CNN.com, Time.com and other major news sites.

2. Google Trends

This is the one of the most important tools on the internet that tells you what
topics are being highly searched on, on any given day. As an astute local business
owner, you can easily cash on hot trends that relate to your local business.

3. Google Shopping

If your local business deals mainly in products then this is the resource for you.
This free tool gives you information on the most popular products in different
categories that people are shopping for on Google. Armed with this knowledge
you can modify your physical stock to conform to these demands and alter your
online marketing strategy to tap into this market.

4. Business websites

There are many high-quality business websites that serve the needs of small and
medium businesses. They have articles, stories, and resources that are tailored for
local businesses that will not only educate you but also inspire you. They include
sites such as Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, Forbes.com amongst many others.

5. Google insights

This free tool provides search trends across global geographical locations and
time ranges. You can filter down the geographical location to the country, state,
city and town. You can also discover the specific times within the week, month or
year when searches are highest or lowest. You can also filter your results by
category (e.g. automotive, food and drink, shopping, social media etc) and by
search type (web, image, news and product search type).
In Part 2 of this article we will look at 4 more places you can get ideas from the internet
to help jumpstart your local business.

4 Places on the Internet to get ideas for your local business: Part 2

In our previous article we looked at 5 internet resources where you can pick ideas that
could help you in your local business. They were news websites, Google Shopping,
Google Trends, Business websites and Google Insights. In this article we will explore 4
more resources.

1. Apple Safari

Apple Safari is the browser platform from Apple and provides you up to the
minute news about their popular devices such as the iPhone and the iPad plus
information on all the latest apps and developments. The landing page on this
browser will not only keep you in the know about the popular mobile technology,
but provide ideas relating to your mobile marketing strategy.

2. Trending websites

These are websites whose main purpose is to follow the latest trends in various
industries and niches. They compile useful insights in current consumer behavior,
inventions, branding, marketing strategies and other topics using an army of trend
spotters. If you want to know what the latest trends are in your niche locally or
globally and the opportunities available be sure to visit sites such as
trendhunter.com and springwise.com

3. Shopping websites

These can provide a local business a ton of information especially if you deal with
physical products. They can tell you the best selling products, the products most
wanted by customers, the online price ranges for the product and so much more.
These sites can give you so many ideas such as information to help you create
product reviews or gain a competitive advantage by stocking up on products in
demand so that you have them in stock when they are out of stock online and
many other ideas. The popular shopping websites include Amazon.com, Walmart,
Shopping.com and Ebay.

4. YouTube

Finally if you want to get some ideas for your local business, you can use
YouTube to help you get creative. It has videos in different categories and has
lists of the most popular and most viewed videos. Watching other peoples videos
may help you see what mistakes people are making or what they are not tapping
into and how you can create a better product or fill in a missing need. It can also
provide you information on products and services related to your niche and the
most entertaining ways of creating video content for your local business.